A patented intersection design to convert 4-phase traffic signal to 2 phase signal, thus reducing traffic congestion by 80%

Real Time simulation

A micro simulation of the concept was performed at a 4 way crossing at August Kranti Marg, New Delhi. The VISSIM software was selected for evaluation of the based on its capability to generate high-fidelity 3D visualizations of the model output.

Real time simulation of conventional crossing (Long queues and waiting time on all sides)

Real time simulation of Smart Crossing (Significantly lesser queue lengths on all sides clearly visible)

The Impact

The test simulation provided overwhelming results, in terms of reduced queue length and delay time at all the crossing.

The queue length statistics show the comparison of queue lengths for with/without Smart Crossing. It is observed that queue lengths reduces from 50-80% for all directions of flow, as the signal cycle reduces from 4 phases to 2 phases.

This figure graphically shows the comparison of average delays and savings in time with/without Smart Crossing. It is clearly evident that smart crossing has resulted in much 60-80% less waiting time on all the sides


Yogesh Agarwal is Founder & CEO of Daffodil Software, which is a technology partner to 900+ businesses across the globe. With his innovative and influential business ideas and practices, he has led Daffodil Software to invincible heights. His restless curiosity has led him to challenge traditional practices and process in everyday life, and find simple yet impactful solutions. Yogesh, alongwith his team at SmartUrbs is trying to make the world a better place through innovative solutions to complex problems.

- Yogesh Agarwal (Inventor, Smart Crossing)

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